What Makes Genius

We still do not know who created Stonehenge, what were names of artists and scientists who built it. We do not know name of painter who created cave painting in Lascaux, France. All names of many unknown individuals created great ancient record never will reveal. However, we know names of Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Albrecht Durer and many others. Modern world offers us even more names and persons who proclaim themselves or proclaimed by others as geniuses.

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Quite Universal Circuit Simulator

Was looking some software that able to simulate circuit. It should be free program at least and for MS Windows. Google didn’t offer many. Spice (and its analogs) was for Linux/UNIX or was not free. Multisim Electronic Workbench Evaluation Version is for Windows but 160 Mb and I installed it once already. After some search and research I found that I was looking for. It was Quite Universal Circuit Simulator or QUCS. It weight only few Mb and was enough for my educational purposes; after about 40 minutes I can draw circuit and look at signal shape wherever I wanted. I think I will use it in future too.