What Makes Genius

We still do not know who created Stonehenge, what were names of artists and scientists who built it. We do not know name of painter who created cave painting in Lascaux, France. All names of many unknown individuals created great ancient record never will reveal. However, we know names of Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Albrecht Durer and many others. Modern world offers us even more names and persons who proclaim themselves or proclaimed by others as geniuses.

“In ancient Roman religion, the genius was the individual instance of a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place or thing.” According to Wikipedia, genius is individual or group of individuals of excellent achievement, somebody or something is outstanding, original with achieving of unprecedented insight.

One of examples of genius work is Chris Carter and his team created X-Files show. They created outstanding work of art. They created not only nine seasons of Sci-Fi world famous show; they created alternative history, mythology as well. This piece of art is great, it was not only new in approach to Sci-Fi but very consistent in details. This show is still most popular TV show ever created. Another modern time genius is Linus Torvalds. This name might not be familiar for those who are not in IT or electronics. He created Linux operating system and whole industry of free software. Now many programmers support it and write code for it but 19 years ago, Linus was only person who created Linux kernel – foundation of Linux OS.
Both of them, Chris Carter with his team and Linus Torvalds created something very outstanding and new for their time, something real pioneering. They are very creative. This is what makes them geniuses. In every time individual who is or who was genius creates new thing.

Hardwork is one thing that unites them. Linus worked very hard to create Linux(but many programmers work like that). Chris Carter and his team also tell story how much time and effort they spent when was filming X-Files. One more example is Thomas Edison. He said ‘Genius is one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration’

I thought many times what makes genius. There is many characteristics. There is very bright mind and personality, hardworking, persistence. There is something you cannot express with words, I’d call it divine spark. Courage to choose new road without using well-known and already explored one, courage to go till end. One more thing that make person who has already all this. This is just luck.

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