Two ways

There is different paths which individual, country or whole civilization can chose. One is natural, living in concordance with nature, using natural resources, take but not tackle. Another way is technological or industrial way, change nature for ours needs, tackle what we need. Our civilization is moving by industrial way. We hope for our technology, we invent more and more methods how to change environment to fulfill our needs regardless of future price. Technological inventions define the way our world is moving on. Continue reading “Two ways”

Post-modern world as end of humankind’s innocence

Time does not stand still; it restlessly moves forward. Everything changes with time’s flow. Everything evolves. Sometimes that was modern yesterday, today is old and obsolete. Just look around, you can see many changes. Cell phones, Internet, cable TV, satellite radio: all this things changed world drastically. We have different problems and issues, different views and opinions too. Nothing is easy anymore. Continue reading “Post-modern world as end of humankind’s innocence”