New adventure

I was shopping in Walmart on last Saturday and when I returned to my car pushing cart and holding my daughter I found that.

Flat tire

After quick investigation I found something in my tire.

Nail in tire

I put my daughter in car seat (and entertain her), called to my wife for backup and removed tire for repair. It cost me $10 here, in Walmart. Lots of fun, but not so much as when my tire blew at 60 mph.

Flat tire removed

Frequency meter

Next step in my current electronics project, after idea and schematics, is prototyping. Here is working prototype assembled on breadboard using lab equipment (like power supply etc). In top-left corner is zero-level cross detector, it converts any periodic signal with amplitude from 1 to 5V into square signal with 0 to 5V amplitude, pretty much digital one.

In bottom right corner Atmel’s ATTiny 2313 that measures frequency of this signal and shows it on display.


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