Another display from Noritake

Received another sample from Noritake-Itron. This time is 16×2 display command with HD44780 LCD. It has serial interface, similar to SPI and commands same as well-known HD44780. This company was founded in 1904 and you can feel it. Looks like old school to me, very nice packing, attention to details and manual on paper not in digital form. Everything is very well documented. Also they have bunch of libraries for different platform. I don’t think porting to new chip will be big issue. I really love this company and this display.

Unpacked box.

What was inside of box.
What was in the box

Vacuum fluorescent display, front view.
Display, front

Display, back view.
Display, back

It how it works, and yes, it has software controlled brightness. It is very bright, you can see text even in camera’s flashlight.
Brightness 50%

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