Childhood memories

My memory keeps lots of moments from my childhood. Some of them are really big and some are very small, some are important in my life and some are not. I was active kid and liked adventures.

I remember once I went to hunt for wolves, I was 3 years old at that time, I had plastic sword in my own and was very sure I am armed very well. I remember how I played with burning plastic on my backyard and burnt my own hand (I still have scar). I remember my very first nightmare, it was very scary at that time and totally nothing at this moment. I remember my first day in kindergarten and my hostility, I really didn’t want to be there. But surprisingly most brightest and warmest feelings I have when I remember one night.

I was about 4 or 5 years old, exact age faded away from my memory. Mom, Dad and I were watching TV. I can’t remember what show we were watching, it was 35 years ago, and my memory did not keep such details. It was about 9 o’clock and I was really tired, I had very busy day with my friends. I was sitting on the couch and I even did not notice when my eyes start to close. Little by little I was gliding into warm depth of dream. Sounds and lights around me started to become dim. I was trying to stay awake but my weariness finally won over me and I fell asleep.

I can not remember how long I was laying on couch napping. I just was remembering next moment when my Dad was carrying me on his hands. I feel relaxed and warm, it was like ocean swings you up and down in warm water. I was feeling how gentle my Dad was holding me and by that I felt how much he loves me. He gently put me in my bed trying do not wake me up. He did not know I was not sleeping already and I was trying do not show it.

I felt coolness of sheets on my warm body. I was laying under blanket and slowly moving my legs and arms, feeling how warmth of my body was spreading under the blanket. I remember it was wonderful feelings! Right now I think that was bit ridiculous but then I was feeling excitement. I felt nicely and pleasantly so I was gradually falling to sleep again and even did not notice it again.

Next morning was Saturday and there was no reason to wake up early and rush. I was slowly waking up. I was laying in the bed and diving into warm darkness and floating up. I was hearing my Mom and Dad talk about something. I was smelling breakfast my Mom was cooking. My body and mind was full of happiness and excitement. Happiness to be right here and right now. Happiness just to be alive!

So much time passed since then and so many things happened since that night but I still remember it very clearly how my Dad was bringing me to my bed. I remember all those warm feelings and I remember this moment of my life with nostalgia. Nostalgia to be young and careless.

My parents never tell me they love me but this small act of love told me more than millions words they could say. I think this influenced my life much but I realized now how deep is parents’ love.

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