Two ways

There is different paths which individual, country or whole civilization can chose. One is natural, living in concordance with nature, using natural resources, take but not tackle. Another way is technological or industrial way, change nature for ours needs, tackle what we need. Our civilization is moving by industrial way. We hope for our technology, we invent more and more methods how to change environment to fulfill our needs regardless of future price. Technological inventions define the way our world is moving on.

Way to unite with nature and live with accordance with it is less stressful. You can live natural way, gliding with your environment. Everything around you lives with you and grows with you. You use what nature gently gives you, no pollution, no oil spill, dead birds and animals. You can live you live quietly and calmly.

Technological way is different, more aggressive. It changes environment, according human’s needs and understandings. If industrial civilization cannot take something gently, it just tackles one without remorse. With industrial changes comes nature pollution, forests turned into empty steppes. This is harsh way and, sometimes, mean way.

What way is better? This is hard question. I cannot imagine my life without modern medicine, without painless dentistry. I cannot live only in my small village without traveling around the world. Entertainment without computer and Internet seems empty to me. Just thoughts that I cannot find almost any information in few minutes make me feel uncomfortable. No modern transportation, no space exploration and weather forecast, no pain relieving meds, no cable TV, no computer and Internet, may be, no printed books. This is consequences of natural way. What we get instead, slow life full of dignity and death of natural reason in young age and inability to travel and see the world as well? I am still thinking what way is better.

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