Post-modern world as end of humankind’s innocence

Time does not stand still; it restlessly moves forward. Everything changes with time’s flow. Everything evolves. Sometimes that was modern yesterday, today is old and obsolete. Just look around, you can see many changes. Cell phones, Internet, cable TV, satellite radio: all this things changed world drastically. We have different problems and issues, different views and opinions too. Nothing is easy anymore.

World stopped to be simple. It is not naïve anymore. In beginning of 20th century, future of humankind seemed bright and clear. Young industry pushed us forward. Industry was ‘silver bullet’ that helps us to avoid mistakes and resolves any problem. Technologies were so fresh so you can taste it in your mouth. Expectations regarding industry, technology, science was very big. Religion seemed to solve spiritual and moral problems. Money seemed helper in resolving such problems. War was not so devastating and was strong medicine. Everyone was waiting for ‘golden age’. Nevertheless, this ‘golden age’ did not come.

Humankind gets powerful tools but keeps old mentality. This is mentality of cave man. We have atomic bomb but still use it, as it would be cudgel. We have powerful weapon of mass destruction but still behave, as it would be baseball bat. We have science but use it for destruction. We have religions that suppose to answer deepest spiritual questions but works for fouling people and profanity of whole idea of religion. This modern religions increase disruption between men and the God.

Money could make people’s life easier now makes life even more complicated and unfair. Money makes rich people richer and poor people — poorer and increase level of hatred in the world. War is not continuance of relationship and tool of problem’s resolution. Now it is tool of obtaining more money and tool of extermination of nations using modern weapon.

Age of innocence is over. Everything works against it nowadays, but lack of innocence does not lead to maturity. And this is real problem today.

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